Monday, January 16, 2017

Are you a teen who wants to make some money RIGHT NOW? I know exactly how you feel, because today's post is going to be about how teens can make money online right now! Read on and start making money today!

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You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

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Mwahaha you can never beat classic Daft Punk and Pharrel Williams. Prepare for the inevitable humming after you listen to this one!

What's up everyone it's Michael here! Today's post is something I've wanted to make but I didn't really know if I'd help anyone at all. But I decided that I might as well because there are people who will take these opportunities to help their families. You can't pass that up, so here it is, my list for online money making, enjoy!

Reviewing Sites

Reviewing sites are websites that pay you for your opinion on certain things like music, fashion etc. Okay so I'm not a big fan of reviewing sites, and there aren't much good ones out there anyways.  So I've nailed it down to 2 sites that I like the most. 


Maybe most of you have heard about it before. SlicethePie is a great site that offers you quite a bit of money for your genuine opinion on songs, fashion etc. I personally like it, and I'm sure you reader's will love it as well. The minimum payout for this website is $10, and they pay via PayPal.


MusicXray is an awesome site that pays you just to listen to a song. So the more songs you listen to, the more money in your pockets! The minimum payout for this site is $20 or more, and they pay via PayPal.

Link Shortening/ Link Shortening Sites

These sites shrink urls for you, and if people click on these shortened links, you get paid. Link shortening/shrinking sites are one of the easiest methods to make money online as quick as possible.  This is because the payout minimum is really low, but how much you earn to reach the goal is a little lower. This method is most effective if you have a dedicated fan base, or followers, who you know will click your links. These are 2 my favorites: is a site that pays you everytime somebody clicks on the short links you create in Like I said before, this is great if you have a dedicated fan base/followers (on social media or a blog) who would click on your links. You can also get paid for just shortening links. The minimum payout is $5 for PayPal, and $10 for Payoneer.

In my opinion the BEST link shortening website out there. Correct me if I'm wrong. This site is amazing in everyway, they offer you thousands of tools to maximize your earnings with. Not to mention the payout is great as well. The minimum payout for this site is $5 for Paypal, $20 for Payoneer, and $5 for Webmoney. Check it out now, I can't explain how awesome they are! Go on, shoo!

That should wrap it up for today's post, I know I didn't cover a lot, and that's because I'm going to make a part 2 some time in the future, so click the google+ button to stay notified of my future posts! Like and share if you did enjoy, that would really help me out! Thanks for reading!

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