Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Hey everyone! Michael here, and I'm back! Its been quite a while since I've posted, and that's mainly because being in my freshman year of high school, I've got to make sure this year there are no screw-ups. I also get a crap ton of homework from dual credit class so there's that. But anyway happy to report I'm still alive. I also wanted to update you guys on my trip to Washington DC! 

The trip was just awesome! I learned a lot about our founding fathers and how we are ALL CREATED EQUAL. Just that line was a staple on the trip and that was pretty much the center point of it all. I could sit here all day and talk about it, but let's face it, we aren't here for a history lesson. I actually wanted to talk to you about all the places I went to for those 4 days I spent there. 

So on this trip, I actually rode an airplane for the first time in my life, and that in itself was just a spectacular experience. I do have to admit after the take off and landing, the actual flight got kinda boring. The did give us snacks so that was a plus. 😀😀😀😀

On the first day we arrived to our hotel (5-Star I'm not kidding), they give us our identification badges and they took us to dinner which was paid for. After that we had a meeting which lasted a good amount of time. We were dismissed around 11:30. It was like for the whole weekend. The next day, we visited the Heritage Foundation, and we learned a lot about where our country is in terms of economy and such and we visited a nearby mall and had lunch at the food court. 

The next day we visited the Washington Monument, and The Holocaust Museum. It was pretty depressing looking back at what sick things were happening in Germany at that time, but it was good to look back so nothing like that happens again. Around this time, everyone was getting to know each other and form groups of friends. I stuck with my Houston friends though, a little later though, I got to meet other people too. The next day we visited the National Mall (which is actually just a park full of food trucks), The Capitol which is HUGE, The Lincoln Memorial (My Favorite). We even had a little scavenger hunt around the place. 

On the last day, Easter, we went to an Easter service at the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise, and we watched the Sun rise over the Washington Monument out in the distance right from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. After that, we went to see the White House which is actually smaller than it looks on T.V. What a way to end such an amazing trip indeed. After the service we came back to the hotel to pack for the trip for the trip home. We were all so sad, we didn't want to leave. Soon after though, we were on a plane back to Houston. In the end, the trip changed me in ways I can't explain. I highly encourage you to research this site they are the group that took me to Washington DC and I can't thank them enough for everything they've done for me! If you are interested in signing up for the trip next year (which is completely FREE), or if you want to learn more, click that link above! 

I want to thank you guys so much for reading! It means a lot knowing people are actually reading my crappy posts! Anyways though, stay tuned for more posts from me, and I'll see you all next time! Peace! 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😄😄😂😂😂

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