Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's up my beautiful bastards, Michael the King Of Stupidity has arrived. As anyone who keeps up with the blog knows, I love to express myself, and my opinions. So now that I have such an awesome chance, I really want to tell you the shoes that I want to get this year! If you got any type of shoe or sneaker that YOU want to get this year, comment them down below! I really want to know (so I can put those on my next list as well.)😀😀😀😀😀 Let's get started!

I really like these Nike RN, I always go for a nice simplistic design, and this I can see myself pairing with good pair of dark wash jeans and T-shirt, which is awesome because I LOVE wearing T-shirts, a good laid back look for us guys, and these shoes look GREAT on girls, just a P.S.

Yes, I know I'm a sucker for white and greyish shoes, but I feel they are laid back as I said before, and are just AWESOME for a good laid back look. If you want to look for a good pair of running/casual sneakers these Adidas Tubulars got you covered.

Alright let's fully transition into casual sneakers. These Nike One Ultra Mids look BOMB af.. Like seriously who doesn't want to go around walking in these bad boys? These guys would look so dope if you wearing a red T-shirt or V-neck with a black leather jacket on top, and some blue dark wash jeans or maybe some black jeans. Put those red bad boys on your feet and you got a KILLER outfit!

How can I end this list without a good pair of J's?? Come on, I'm a Sneakerhead, so I kinda have to. I love these Air Jordan 3 Retro's because they go great with virtually anything. But besides the fact that they look awesome, you also got a ton of outfit options to choose from as well, you could probably throw on a pair of joggers and they'd look great! (Although I do think joggers look the best with running shoes..)

And that, ladies and gentlemen wraps up my list! I think I did a solid, these are some pretty sexy shoes to say the least. Anyways if you enjoyed me talking fashion, I'd definitely appreciate if you left a comment saying so! Share this post with your friends! Lastly if you do enjoy my content, bookmark this page because I make new content every week so stay tuned! Follow me on Google+ to stay notified of any future posts, thanks for reading! 😁😁😁😁😄😄

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