Friday, March 17, 2017

Hey you're back! Well I know I put this post off for a while, but it's because I've been just extremely busy. Nonetheless, here it is! My Favorite Movie Sites!

Yes, I'm sure if you've watched a movie online before, you've proabably stumbled upon this site a few times. The main reason I use this site is to watch movies that are relatively new, or came out recently. I used this site to watch movies like "Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse", "Ted" and a bunch of others. This site is really awesome because the best quality movies, for FREE. I highly recommend this site!

This site used to be one of the biggest on the internet, but it has slowly been overshadowed by other better sites. I personally still use this for watching older movies. I don't really use this site anymore mainly because I like watching newer movies as I said before. But nonetheless, it's a great site.

Hands down one of the best sites on the internet to date. Solarmovie allows you to search for pretty much any show or movie online right now. Any movie you can think of the most likely always have it. Be careful though, ever since they skyrocketed in fame, there have been people have been trying to copy the sites name so they can get visitors. The real site link is here. But to be honest, the knock offs aren't so bad either.

This site is pretty Solarmovie with a different name. Viooz has a ton of movies to choose from. They have pretty much everything including new movies. I personally use this site in case Solarmovie or 123 movies don't have what I'm looking for, but most of the time they do.

So that pretty much wraps up my list. This are some pretty good sites in my opinion. I highly suggest checking them out when you have some free time on your hands to watch a movie. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post! Peace out.

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